skin deep cont.

26 Oct

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all images © Skin Deep .09

more progress …..still going…..

If your not caught up on the project Skin Deep is a tattoo shop based in Artesia New Mexico. The artist Amanda Kimmons who is also the business owner, along with her husband and business partner Jason Kimmons have commissioned me to do artwork in the lobby and tattoo room. For the lobby, Amanda’s portfolio will be displayed on the walls in large format placed on these models. To get to this point I gathered models and a photographer, put together a theme and photoshop style, after picking wardrobe, doing hair and make up, directing both model and photographer, and hours of editing this is where I’m at this far. The room has a vintage style to it and some of the photos will be put in large elaborate frames, since Amanda is a female tattoo artist I wanted a very feminine feel to all the artwork, as well as bring something edgy and sexy to this town which I believe is what Mrs. Kimmons has already done being that she is the only female tattoo artist in the surrounding area’s. Her tattoos are incredible and have become so in a very short amount of time. In time I believe she will be one of the most respected tattoo artist in south east new mexico, and I wouldn’t put her past her to captivate the whole state. You can learn more about her and Skin Deep by visiting the Skin Deep myspace at


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